Wedding Photography


How do I book you?


You can reach me through my website (artistryofrachel.com), call me @ 204-999-6283, or E-mail to rachel@artistryofrachel.com. We would then meet in person to discuss the logistics of the wedding and answer any questions you may have in mind. After you have selected me to photograph your wedding, you will be required to sign a contract along with a non-refundable 50% retainer to hold the day. 


How do we pay you? Do you have a payment plants?


We require 50% non-refundable retainer to hold the wedding date at booking, 50% of the remaining charges is due 30 days before the set date of the wedding. The final payment is due a week before the wedding date. A customized payment plan is also available at your request.


Can you hold our date for us?


Only after the retainer is paid and contract signed can we guarantee a hold on a date. If you are the first to contact us, a 48-hour preference will be awarded to you to book should another couple express interest for the same date.   


If our Wedding is cancelled can we have our money back?


No unfortunately. Once you have paid the retainer and signed the contract. We will turn down all bookings for that date. Your retainer and all subsequent payment are non-refundable for this reason. We will however try to reschedule if that is what you desire.




How far in advance should we book you?


Wedding photographers are typically the first booking a couple will make and might serve to determine the wedding date. Booking between 6 to 18 months is preferred, or if you need a photographer last minute check with me for availability. 


Can we keep the high-resolution negatives, and if so where can we print our digital copy?


You will get your high-resolution on a USB drive. You will be able to print your picture at any size. And I’ll provide a list of places where you can print them. I’ll retain the rights over all the images for studio and commercial use. This only includes the finished images not RAW images. 



Can we order professional prints from you?




Do you retouch the photos?


No. But we clear up blemishes and make color corrections to have your images looking vibrant and timeless.


Are my entire pictures going to be in color, or black and white?


Both for variety.


How are you different from other photographer and what is your style?


I am drawn to classical elements of art. So I would describe my style as elegant, however, I also have a playful personality and I like to infuse fun into everything that I do. Wedding photographs should look timeless and tasteful, but it is necessary to capture the joy and emotion in each still. The thing that sets me apart from other photographers is that I am also a make-up artist. My goal is to enhance the natural beauty of each bride and her bridesmaids through the artistry of Photography and Make-Up. 



How many photos will I get?


This is highly dependent on the events of the day, but most weddings receive anywhere between 300 to 600 images. 2 or 3 day wedding will obviously receive more images.




Can we make suggestion on how we want our photos?


Yes. Through our consultation sessions, we will get to know each other. We will find out what is important and incorporate it to meet your expectations. We will have you complete a questionnaire before the wedding to include requested photos and list of family members and friends to be photographed. 



Does your assistant photographer work with you?


Yes. I have a great team of assistants working with me. Although my base coverage only includes myself, however every other package includes a second shooter.


What happens if you’re sick, or injured, or die before our wedding?


Well that’s mortifying thought!!! Suffice to say I will not be making it to your wedding then, but an experienced photographer will replace me in the event I am incapable of attending.


Can our friends and family take pictures at the wedding?


Absolutely, but mine will be much better. Although... feel free to tell cousin Larry and aunty Betty to put their cameras down, enjoy the wedding, and leave it to the professional to masterfully capture every treasured moment.


What is an “unplugged wedding”?.  I hear about it lot.


An unplugged wedding is a wedding free of all electronic devices and social media updates,  


What will we do in the event of bad weather?


During the consultation, that will be one of the things will discuss and come up with options together.


How long do we have to wait to see our photos?


Sneak peeks will be availed online right way, though facebook and my blog.




How do we view our photos after the wedding?


A selection of photos will be available with a musical slideshow on my web page. I will also upload them to Facebook.


How are your albums made?


Flush mount photo books are high-end wedding albums that are custom made.


Regular press photo books are low-end photo books that are mass-produced using inkjet printers and stock papers. 


How are we involved?


I’ll design the first layout of your album and show it to you. You are then welcome to make changes and approve the final design for printing.


How long will it take to receive the album(s)?


The first layout that I design will be available 2-3 weeks after your wedding, and the album 8 to 10 weeks after it is ordered.


Why should we get an album from you?


These are not just any albums, they are unique hand crafted pieces of art. The album is design into a narrative that will tell your story.


Why should we get an Engagement Session?


An engagement session is a portrait session of the bride and groom months prior to the wedding date. It’s a bonding time between the two of you and I. This is time I get to know you better, and where you share the stylistic vision you have for your wedding. Also you get a nice little picture package you can use for invitations or just show off to the friends and family.


When should we schedule an engagement session?

Any time after you book with me.


When is the best time to photograph it?


In the evening 2 to 3 hours before the sun set, or depending on your style we could do early morning, late in the evening when is dark, and in studio.



How do we choose a location and what should we wear and bring with us?


Choose a location that is unique to the both of you. It could be a place were you first meet, place were holds special memories, first date, the beach or a park.

In terms of wardrobe, complementary colors and patterns is always a good idea but avoid matching, and feel free to bring a secondary outfit.

Why should we get a Bridal Session?

A Bridal Session is a portrait session of a bride or couple in their bridal attire on a day other than their BIG DAY.

During the session our team determine the creative look and style the bride wants for her walk down the aisle. This includes, but not limited to: Hair styles, Make-Up, and Color pallets. This alleviates the stress and anxiety on the actual day of the wedding, allowing you to cherish the moment

Do you offer guestbooks that include photos from our session?







Why should we book The Artistry Of Rachel Make-Up Application for our wedding Day?

We Bring The  Make-Up Salon To You.


We takes great pride in giving the bridal party the royal treatment through our on location make-up services. While your drinking your morning coffee, The Artistry Of Rachel will be hard at work making sure everyone of you looks flawless for the wedding.


How do I book Make-Up Application?


Through my website (artistryofrachel.com), by phone @ 204-999-6283, or E-mail to rachel@artistryofrachel.com. I will then book the team after confirming the date, location, number of people requiring the service, and 50% non-refundable retainer for the total cost of the services billed is received.



What size of bridal party do you accommodate?


There is no party too big or small, we have several make-up artist and hairstylist to accommodate your party.


Do you offer trails and consultation?


Yes, when you book our team the first thing we do is have a consultation to figure out each person’s individual style or come up with a creative look for everyone.


Do you have a studio or do you travel to me?


I have a home studio, but we are mostly mobile artists that offer you the comfort and convenience of setting up at your preferred location.


Can I add on any additional services last minute?


We do our best to accommodate any last minute request or changes, but is not guaranteed, but we will deliver on what we agreed upon to prior.



What Make-up product do you use?


We use all high quality cosmetics products that are well known, MAC, MUD, Make-Up Forever, and many more.


What area of make-up  does your team specialize in?


We specialize in mainly wedding and photography, but our team is fully capable of realizing anything you may have in mind.


How long will it take for The Artistry Of Rachel to do my make-up?


On your wedding day it should take the make artist about 20-30 minutes.


If I bring in a picture of make-up


Yes, we will try to replicate it as close to the picture as much as we can.


Will you travel to me?




What kind of space would you need to do make-up?


We need an area with a table and a chair.  For Make-up we will need an area with natural lighting, good light ensure that the foundation will match perfectly with your skin.


How long does my make-up last?


Our makeup artist use products that have been tested to last all day and evening, the only thing you would need is to reapply powder and lip products, if you like we can provide a touch up kit for you to take with you. If you would like to have two different looks for your wedding day please let us know during the consultation.


What happens if I cancel my appointment do I get my money back?


No unfortunately. Once you have paid the retainer and signed the contract. We will turn down all bookings for that date. Your retainer and all subsequent payment are non-refundable for this reason. We will however try to reschedule if that is what you desire.


What kind of payment do you accept?


We accept cash, credit cards and cheque at this time.

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